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WETRUST CERTIFIED GUARANTEE Only products that pass our 30+ point inspection are offered as WeTrust Certified, which comes with robust and comprehensive 6 months WeTrust Warranty.
WeTrust Advantage Warranty Policy Replacement Phone Benefit

WeTrust Advantage

    • Every Smartphone you purchase from comes with a robust and comprehensive 6 months warranty for complete peace of mind.
    • We are available Online as well as Offline : is not only an online/ecommerce store, We have brick and mortar stores as well. For increased customer convenience and satisfaction.
    • We have two Experience store cum service centre operational at Central Delhi - Connaught Place.
    • All products undergo a detailed and stringent 30+ point checklist before any Smartphone is put on sale.
    • Customers can expect amazing value for money, as we will be providing Smartphone's in the following two conditions :
    • As Good As New - All the Smartphone's will be as good as new, and you will hardly be able to make out any scratches or dents to a newly purchased Smartphone from the showroom.
    • Good - There will be minor Scratches or dent which will be not be very noticeable. And as they say, there’s nothing that a good Smartphone back cover can’t hide.

100% actual images

      • We put real & actual pictures with live video of all Smartphones so that customers can see what exactly they are buying. Not like other websites which are selling pre owned or used mobile phones and putting wallpapers or new Smartphone photos.

Authentic Invoice

        • As a law abiding company, we ensure adherence to all applicable laws and taxation, and issue a proper invoice with VAT number and other essential information.

Warranty Policy

We have designed a robust and comprehensive warranty policy for complete peace of mind for our customers. Here is how it works.

  • 0-7 days after purchase - No questions asked Refund/Replace of Phone/Accessories.
  • 8-30 days after purchase - Replace/Repair of Phone/Accessories.
  • After 30 days and up to 180 days - Repair of Phone/Accessories.

All above options will be as per customer's choice and satisfaction.

*Please read detailed Terms & Conditions of warranty policy.


Replacement Phone Benefit

We Understand that nowadays your Smartphone is a necessity not only a luxury. So whenever your phone will be with us for warranty repair, we will provide you a standby Smartphone to use completely free of cost till the time we return your original phone.

*Currently this service is only available for Delhi/NCR customers. Please read detailed Terms & Conditions of Replacement Phone Policy.


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